Creative output

Creative output balance during this trip:

  • Photography: fantastic. I carry the camera on my shoulder at all times, shooting roll after roll. Actually, I exceeded my own expectations – I’m running out of film; hopefully I’ll get some more HP5+ in London.
  • Writing: surprisingly good. Although I’ve been writing for years now, only recently I started publishing anything in the form of a blog. I get about 10 visits a day and I like the idea that people enjoy reading it – and they keep coming back for more.
  • Programming: Nada. No, wait – I think I pushed some changes to my dotfiles repository because OS X was choking on Linux-only constructs in .bashrc. I need a quiet, comfortable place and at least some good tea/coffee to write code; hostels provide neither. My friend’s house in Valencia could provide both, but he kept kicking me in the butt every time I tried to open the editor instead of going sightseeing. ;)

TL;DR: I’m a hacker, writing a blog titled Hacker Ideals, who doesn’t hack. However, I shoot tons of black-and-white photos with a film camera and pretend to be a writer.

Not sure if hipster or just an awakening artist.

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