Facing a two-hour wait at the airport, I could choose between catching some fresh air (it smells of rain and jet fuel) and catching some WiFi. Guess which I chose. (answer at the end of the post)

The place is weird. There are some crazy renovations going on and there’s NO MAP of the place – so I spent the first 15 minutes wandering and looking for food and coffee. The coffee tasted like dirt. At least Italians speak some English. ;)

Next stop: Valencia, arriving at 23:40. Won’t report until tomorrow, probably – the last thing I want to do upon arriving at the place of my dreams (well, kinda ;) is to take out my laptop.

Answer: both. What did you expect? :)


Proposed Ryanair in-flight activities:

  • Adopting stray dogs and cats
  • Fireworks show
  • Parachute lottery

Seriously. I kept the straight face until the lottery; when I heard the announcement I was all like WAT? Then I regretted I didn’t have any euro with me. I’m definitely buying a lottery ticket during my next flight.

Explanation for those who never flew Ryanair: their tickets are crazy cheap, so they make up for this in two ways: one, outrageous fees for extra anything; and second, making lotteries and selling perfumes during the flight.