Cranking out code; doing overtime even though no one asked me to. Buying a new set of strings for my guitar and that one controversial book for my eyes. Writing tons of letters and emails, devouring books, fixing my bike, composing songs. Editing photos, hiring and firing people, playing the piano, configuring a new Mac, traveling on a whim, stomping at pigeons. Ordering prints, meeting old friends, designing systems, preparing reports. Singing.


New office

YIP YIP YIP we have a new office! Setting it up is probably going to take a week, but we can’t be happier right now. It’s big, bright and beautiful*. Good thing there’s so little of us that we managed to agree on the office layout without any conflicts. I got to get a desk with wheels (beat that!) in the middle of everything. I’m probably going to ride around and annoy people. If only the iMac had a battery…

Well. I could dust my old UPS…

*And absurdly cheap.