Wrocław »»» Jelenia Góra, not so long ago

I had a chance to shoot a wedding alongside Aife. The photos came out as beautiful as I could have ever hoped; alas, time and motivation are in short supply as I’m still editing the previous wedding. It’s a never-ending story… I did some crunchtime by the end of the last year and managed to finish editing all pending work; this blissful emptiness of the “current projects” folder lasted for two whole days. Not that I mind; the feeling of having nothing to do was actually pretty unnerving.

PS. My concept of “drive safely home” is loading film while negotiating tight curves in weather conditions that make you actually obey the speed limits.


3AM, Flickr, Masterchef Junior and jam sandwiches. Another batch of photos finished; I thought I’d share them with you before I fall asleep from exhaustion.

I miss the old Madrid days. Three years ago I decided, for some reason, to get myself stranded in the middle of Spain, with nothing else but my backpack, camera and an absurd amount of black & white film. Not having the comfort of easy internet access, living in hostels, I wandered the city for days – thinking, observing, expecting to gain some kind of epiphany or insight – the kind you get on spiritual trips. I miss these days. I miss the simplicity of life, the comfort of being able to think about just one thing at a time, the lack of distractions, burdens of a 9-5 job, bills and and people in general. I miss the single-track life I had for a brief while.

Tonight was Flickr, Masterchef Junior, jam sandwiches, Lightroom, Facebook, Tumblr, tea and anxiety. Ringing in my ears. That’s way too much clutter for a sensitive mind like mine.