Lightroom duty, day 857

The scanner was acting wacky so I took it apart… turns out the mirrors were covered in a thick layer of grime and the focus plane was tilted. I fixed everything, put it back together… and now it feels wrong. Too sharp.

I ran out of HP5+ (wasn’t supposed to happen; I’m broke) and though, what the hell, I’ll shoot whatever expired film there is in the fridge. Picked a roll or two of PAN F+. Sure, it’s ISO 25-50, but the quality! Yes, you guessed it: too good.

I’m disappointed. The photos are sharper than ever – but it’s not a style I’m used to. I want my crappy, grainy, blurry snaps back.

PS. You don’t appreciate a good workflow until some part of it gets replaced with an alien artifact and suddenly your style is gone until you figure out how to get it back. It’s always around a corner: scanner breaking, film being discontinued, lens falling on the floor, developer formula getting changed… anything.