Thought release valve

Standing at the bus stop today, watching the rain fall, cursing the delays and trying not to get mad at things that are out of my control I had a little revelation about posting on Facebook (or Twitter, for that matter) whenever you think or feel anything.

Consider this: you’re late to work, soaked in rain, cold and angry. What better idea than to vent your frustration on Facebook? It’s not just about anger: you just thought something clever? Why not post it? Feeling sad and lonely? Here, have some relief, post a status. Does that sound familiar?

By mindlessly posting stuff online, you let thoughts out of your head. In exchange for some relief or fun you expel from your head and waste a perfectly good thought that, with some work, could become a positive change in your life. No matter if that’s a feeling of sadness or anger, a clever idea or something funny, your thoughts are like seed. Keep them planted in your head and let them grow – don’t just throw them away whenever they appear.