After ten days of strict diet I finally gave myself permission to bake a tray of my favorite muffins. I ate five – they’re delicious! – and I after a few minutes I got a headache. This wouldn’t happen two weeks ago, back when I was habituated to consuming unhealthy amounts of chocolate. Give it a few days to return to balance and my body no longer tolerates a big, sudden dose of easily-absorbed carbohydrates.

The link is obvious: too much sugar = feeling dizzy. How is it even possible that we don’t notice this in our everyday lives?

Day #3

I seem to have an unfortunate association in my head between musicmaking and smoking. After an afternoon of literally nothing I got through a writer’s block with a cigarette and finished the lyrics in about 15 minutes. Apparently I need to be shaking slightly from the nicotine kick to get just in the right vibe.

Cigarettes and strong black tea. It’s a small price to pay.

Day #5

Six hours and half a pack of fags later and I’ve recorded a rough sketch of the damn thing. The vocals are crap – I really can’t sing – and the piano has to be redone, but as a whole it’s the song I imagined.

I’m hooked.

Day #13

A friend came by yesterday and we had a little improvised gig at my house yesterday. I’ve got no idea where this is going – if and how are we going to record anything “serious” – but I don’t worry about it either.

Life is good if you just let it.