Lightroom duty, day 970

One day I though: what the hell; I’ve been shooting this peculiar kind of personal documentary for so long that I might as well start doing it commercially.

How do you start as a professional personal photographer when you’re me? You start by filling your bag to the brim with film. My first resolution was to never run out of film; the second one was to stop shooting digital. The final one was not to listen to people who are driven by fear; who won’t take risks, won’t face challenges and won’t ever let anyone else chase their dreams. In other words, I ignored all my friends’ advice and did it anyway.

First assignment: a wedding.

I’m hooked… forever. The results came out so good I don’t even know what to say; I get overly emotional whenever I look at my own photos. It never happened before. If this is how my photographic life is going to look like from now on, count me in. All in.