3AM, Flickr, Masterchef Junior and jam sandwiches. Another batch of photos finished; I thought I’d share them with you before I fall asleep from exhaustion.

I miss the old Madrid days. Three years ago I decided, for some reason, to get myself stranded in the middle of Spain, with nothing else but my backpack, camera and an absurd amount of black & white film. Not having the comfort of easy internet access, living in hostels, I wandered the city for days – thinking, observing, expecting to gain some kind of epiphany or insight – the kind you get on spiritual trips. I miss these days. I miss the simplicity of life, the comfort of being able to think about just one thing at a time, the lack of distractions, burdens of a 9-5 job, bills and and people in general. I miss the single-track life I had for a brief while.

Tonight was Flickr, Masterchef Junior, jam sandwiches, Lightroom, Facebook, Tumblr, tea and anxiety. Ringing in my ears. That’s way too much clutter for a sensitive mind like mine.