On The Run

Why is the entire world running all the time? In the last six months I barely had a chance to actually spend genuine time with someone without either of us having some time constraints. I can barely count the times I could stay at someone’s place overnight without feeling guilty of taking too much of their precious time. This is very bad since I find it nearly impossible to connect with someone when our minds are constantly jumping towards the rest of things to do on that day. The art of being there seems almost forgotten in the technology & smartphone era – or maybe it’s just me?

The worst part of this is that even though I’m doing my best to keep my mind uncluttered, I’m still constrained by other people. Everyone seems to have so much stuff to do it almost sounds silly – except that it is insane. And I’m a part of this insanity.

I hereby make a resolution not to hurry unless not doing so would threaten my well-being. Which is ironic considering the fact that most of the time, hurrying actually decreases my well-being slowly but surely.