Silly me.

Eight hours in Madrid and I’m already fed up. I have no idea what led me to booking five nights in the (party) capital of Spain, but I’m going to try to change it to three and escape to Barcelona.

Madrid pros:

  • People actually speak English here. Kinda. Yay!
  • Lots of interesting places. Visited the Prado museum today (for free, thanks to my student’s card which miraculously is still valid). Going to visit more museums tomorrow.

Madrid cons:

  • It’s like Warsaw, except twice as big. I hate Warsaw.
  • So crowded it’s ridiculous. I’m an introvert.
  • Prices. I’m going to try to find a supermarket and some university canteen – otherwise I’ll have to rob a bank soon.

The good news is that the hostel has great WiFi and unlimited free coffee.

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