# 2013-03-27 11:24
# Highway service point, somewhere between Valencia and Madrid

Another one of those little differences: apparently it’s OK to bring your own food in places like a highway stop or a university canteen. Not only OK – it’s encouraged; there are microwave ovens available for this very purpose. Another example of attitude towards people, not against them.

We’re back on the road after a twenty minute stop. A movie is playing on the bus TV. It’s Spanish with Spanish subtitles, probably in case someone is even more deaf than me – or wants to learn Spanish the hard way.

The weather changed. It’s raining, which means less wandering around the city and more sitting in cafes. Can’t complain. As long as they have power, WiFi and coffee, I’m good.

By the time I finished writing this, the rain stopped. It’s now sunny. I’m not even pretending I understand this climate.

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