The first leg of the trip…

…is almost finished. It’s pretty sad to be leaving Valencia just when I was getting acquainted with the city – one week is definitely too little, especially since I spent a good part of it just getting through the adaptation shock. It’s a really beautiful place, one I could maybe even life in if I knew Spanish.

I do have some experiences to share, but they need to mature a bit more – I’ll probably write something on the bus tomorrow, since I deliberately chose the cheaper service without WiFi. Internet addiction is a horrible thing – even though I’m over one thousand miles away from home, I still can’t quite bring myself to get offline completely. Once you get used to the comfort of being connected constantly, letting go seems almost impossible… guess I just need more time. At least Facebook makes much less sense now – all the updates I get are from people so far away I can’t bring myself to care. Which is a good thing. I would probably delete the damn thing if I didn’t have so many services connected to it (and if I wasn’t addicted).

Despite the warmth of Spanish spring I caught a little cold, but with the help of some pills it will hopefully be gone in a few days. I guess my immune system still needs to recover after the long cold Polish winter.

Next stop: Madrid.

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