(notes on making life harder)

I receive quite funny comments regarding my actions. Whenever I undertake something silly, illogical or seemingly complex and unnecessary, I inevitably evoke some confusion. Why would you want to do that?, people ask. What’s the point of making your life harder?

The answer is quite simple. If you don’t know it, learn about the warrior ethos; learn about forging your soul in the forge of adversity and hardship. I’ll quote Michael Mary here:

It’s only during times of crisis that man starts to search for new ways and possibilities.

The answer is: because once you get accustomed to things being hard, it just doesn’t make sense to get back to the easy way anymore. Once you discover you can put ten times more effort and sustain ten times more pain than you thought you’d ever would, there’s no way back. Because, honestly, why would you ever decide to return to a lower position?

There’s no retiring from the good & hard way of life.

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