On The Run

Just arrived in Łódź for a little weekend adventure. A combination of logistics, cheap tickets, coffee, people and places; although there is an outline of a plan, I have no expectations – I’ll let it unwind itself.

Strange how things have changed. I visited Łódź one year ago under similar circumstances – to see my family, go to some shows, chill out. I also spent two weeks in Spain, where I was supposed to visit places, meet people and get some rest. In the end, even though I enjoyed both of the experiences, they left me greatly exhausted: I was simply too tense and nervous to ever appreciate and enjoy the situation I was in.

Except this time is different. Looks like I’m finally learning something: I found a cafe with good coffee and working WiFi. I’m in great mood and blogging about something happy. I’ve got a few zlotys left in my pocket and I don’t care. At last.

I thought I’d describe the benefits of spending vacations in your home country – but the list was getting too damn long. The topic really deserves proper thought and a post on its own.