Gear up

A professional deserves professional gear. Recently I started to accumulate some spare dough, so I decided to plug the holes and bridge the gaps in personal belongings. Started with a huge pile of new clothes and a RAM upgrade I’ve been putting off for two years. Then a violin – I’m amazed how easy it is to learn & play. Then a mute and a set of new strings to make the experience more enjoyable (and less screeching). Then I had my bike serviced to make it super-reliable; I considered getting a new one but fixing was way cheaper. Then I bought a blender to finally be able to cook all those healthy meals.

Buying random stuff gives a quick rush of pleasure mixed with guilt. Buying (or caring for) quality things improves your quality of life – and makes you happier and free to live your life and express yourself.

Even if it’s just a blender.

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