The news is still semi-official, but here it goes: I’ve been promoted for the CTO role at our startup Cloud Your Car.

It’s gonna be a ride. I’m taking over tons of responsibilities – which isn’t too bad, as the part I was working on until now (firmware development) is entering the maintenance phase, so I already spend a large deal of time poking on issues that need polishing. I’ll still be doing what I’ve been enjoying doing recently – except it will be official.

Am I scared? Hell yeah. I’ll undoubtedly spend this Christmas buried under tons of people management books – my soft skills REALLY need to improve – but at the same time I’m extremely excited. Even though I have no idea what I’m doing. ;)

On a related note, my friend got a job at a very cool startup in Krak√≥w today. He’s relocating. I wouldn’t have the balls to do that. Kudos for him. Too bad there are very few dreamers like us around.

This post is dedicated to those of my friends who got married, found a well paying job and, well… stopped at that point. We’ll probably never really understand each other.

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