If you have a spare $100 and want to invest it in the most profitable way possible, go and buy a bike right now.

What’s the Return of Investment on this purchase? It’s hard to measure directly. It’s easy, however, to list the areas of life influenced:

  • Physical fitness & exercise.
  • Tons of money saved on public transportation and/or fuel.
  • Simple happiness. It’s rare to see a sad, grumpy person on a bike – yet buses and cars are full of those types.
  • Time saved. Depending on where you live, it can be substantial.
  • Drinking less. This means both saving money and improving your health.
  • Freedom. You’re no longer constrained by streets, lines, tracks & timetables. You’re free to explore – just like when you were a child. How cool is that?

Considering how much there is to gain, not riding a bike is not just silly – it’s plain unwise. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real lifehack. So much for just $100.

PS. Don’t toss your excuses at me. I don’t care. After all, it’s about your happiness, not mine.

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