Air and light and time and space, revisited

You probably remember a post from ancient times (actually: just over a month ago). Today officially marks the end of the renovation works.

My new studio has barely any furniture. I did my best to keep the amount of stuff there to an absolute minimum – and I intend to keep it this way. Some things are still missing – like armchairs – but the essence is there. The walls are pure white, there’s a big desk just for the PC workstation, an extremely comfortable office chair, the shelves eagerly wait to be filled with books… Yet, when I sat at the desk today to do my daily share of work, it didn’t feel any different.

It was a really simple enlightenment: work is work. Writing a new blog post, editing photos, cranking out code – it takes passion and discipline, not a new chair. The new space may make it easier for me to work consistently without burning out or getting tired – but the work still has to be done, and no amount of office supplies and electronic devices will make it any easier.

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