El Prat airport, 2013/04/04 05:42

Written at the airport and in-flight; forgot to publish it.

Departing in 58 minutes. I’m excited.

As usual, I won’t be posting any conclusions about Barcelona yet – it would be foolish to do so while I’m still there. Let the experiences mature at least a little bit.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday: Barcelona’s public transport system is fantastic. After climbing Tibidabo I wanted to get back to the hostel; the combination I used was: bus, funicular, train and metro – all of them using just one 1€ ticket. Impressive.

One last gift from Barcelona to me: the takeoff. The familiar sea of light, clouds over the ocean, ships on the reed as little as toys – a view I’ll remember for a long time.


If you’ve been wondering about the silence during the last few days: that’s because I’ve been either to busy or too tired to write; also, somehow there’s not much to write about right now.

Arrival in London was the best culture shock I ever had – simply because I’ve never been to any English-speaking country before. Compared to Spain, my life here is incredibly easy. Sure, I’m living at my friend Hipek’s flat right now, so the extremities and discomforts of living in a hostel are gone – but mainly it’s easy because I can understand almost every single word I see or hear.

The only thing I can’t quite understand is that despite the fact that I’ve been studying English all my life it never really crossed my life to just come to England.


It never happened

Nothing to write about. Things have really slowed down since I left Spain – there’s much less trouble, but at the same time much less challenges and almost nothing to write about. Describing whatever I’m doing here doesn’t make much sense because there are no real adventures – while certainly having some novelty value, there’s nothing adventurous about visiting Camden Market and seeing Tower Bridge.

At least I don’t let my camera sit idle. I ran out of film a few days ago and had to resort to shooting on expired Agfa color film – which is not that bad actually, considering that London seems so colorful to me. I think I shot 10 or 11 rolls already – that’s going to be a lot of work developing, scanning and editing once I get back home.

Two days left.