Phone call from Valencia

During my stay in Valencia my friend Taras took me on a little tour of the local university where he’s working on his PhD. We me his professor who seemed curious about my whereabouts in Valencia and my plans in general. He liked the idea of chasing my dreams and said he could try to find some job for me. I dismissed the idea as simple courtesy. Until…

I got a phone call from Valencia this morning.

So, apparently, their department is looking for a skilled admin for their computing cluster infrastructure. Even though I have no knowledge in this precise area, he told me they found my expertise in big data and HA promising enough to offer me a job.

Now, to be honest, I wasn’t really planning to be leaving Poland for an extended period of time – this trip was meant to be a vacation. Still, considering the fact that the institute I would work in is located in Burjassot, my favorite part of Valencia, and considering the salary figures I received over the phone…

…looks like I might be staying there much longer than I intended.

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