are you afraid?

Well, you should be.

People in IT tend to complain about their jobs a lot. The most common themes, in no particular order, are:

  • Job is boring.
  • Job is too well paid to find a better one.
  • Boss is annoying.
  • Overworked (for no apparent reason).
  • Corporations suck, but I feel to comfortable to find a startup job.

One thing is notably missing: no one complains about being afraid, EVER. The only emotion there is boredom. People simply get stuck in their less-than-ideal jobs and stay there, often for years. When asked about the possibility of finding something better, they dismiss it as too disruptive. How lazy is that?

If you find quitting your comfortable IT job too hard, too disruptive, too risky, you’re not reasonable or sensible – you’re just plain lazy. If you don’t feel afraid, you’re not pushing your limits far enough. And if you feel bored, you’re not pushing them at all.

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